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Soup can cook in

Only one hour

( not include time to reach Specified pressure)


Way to

Cook Ramen 

Pressure cooking completely changes the cooking operation

Product info

Product features

High pressure vessel can make high quality soup stock

with high repeated success rate


Cost down chart

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Yearly cost reduction chart


product in USA

Height: 800 mm

Diameter: 700 mm

Weight: 165 kg

● By turning the pressure valve, The pressure can be adjusted during cooking.

● 30mm pan bottom which is burn resistant.

● Easy cleaning and drainage with bottom nozzle.

● Meet NSF standard. Approved by CSA 

Model 3


Note : Assume the cost of 300 ramen shops selling 300 bowl a day.

Playlist : How it work  





World No1 Gyoza machine arrives in the USA


A super compact mini machine created from the comprehensive know-how of TOA INDUSTRY Co., Ltd with its 40 years of experience in producing and selling food processing machines in response to the industry



Ramen tool

We carry Japanese ramen specialty tools that are hard to find in the US.


Fine sized ladles, power tebos, gyoza trays, etc.
We carry only the ramen specialty items you've always wanted!

Other services


School in LA

If you aim to open a Ramen restaurant in the US or overseas,

Here lies the road to the success of your Ramen business!


I am a Lecturers at Japan Ramen School are also American Ramen consultants, and will teach you everything you need to know from training, to how to cook Ramen to how to operate your Ramen shop. 


Training is quick and individualized.

consulting services

We help people who are looking into Ramen business to set up their Ramen store. We provide our clients the best Ramen kitchen system which it brings you the highest standard traditional Ramen cuisine without hiring a main chef.

We will help you by going to your location and helping you with your store concept,

design installation, taste creation,

pre-opening preparation, and after-opening employee training.

Profile of Representative


Kenichi Ota

Lecturer of Japan Ramen School

American Ramen Consultant


Kenichi has established his own Ramen shop in the US as well as contributed to the opening of many successful restaurants.  His consultation has helped Ramen shops increase sales, open new restaurants, create recipes, and give owners advice on store concepts, revenue, and expansion.


Kenichi travels across the US, aiming to expand Ramen restaurants serving delicious Ramen all over the US.


He personally participates in the operation of the Ramen shops he consults for and helps future owners on starting their business and conducting sales activities and training for the stores.  He has earned a good reputation from his clients for his customer-centered attitude.

Details of his services:

Furthermore, Kenichi will individually provide you ideas for Ramen recipes using our special pressure vessels.  We will also help consult you in the type of Ramen shop you want to open. 

●Support for store operation or giving advice after reviewing actual store operation.

●Support for product development, development of exclusive products or improvement of existing products.

●Development of Ramen or development of menus for new stores or renovated stores.

●Full support ranging from store development, development of new Ramen business types, store concepts, store design, menu types and ongoing guidance on store operation.


Ramen Support LLC

21515 Hawthorne Blvd , #200

Torrance , CA 90503


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